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My main bitchhh

My prom hair.

Prom hair.

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So I started a health kick…. I’ve been soda free for a week (still have coffee, can’t stop all caffeine, I have a ten month old - c’mon now.)  I don’t eat any more candy, chips or fast food. And I joined the Y.  

Thin time, people!! HOT MAMA HERE I COME!


Gym #selfie
Here’s another update followers:

On February 28th, 2014 — the man I’ve wanted to be with for 8 years & was with for 4…told me was done & wanted a divorce. My son and I promptly moved in with my parents and I am still struggling. I do my believe in divorce. I definitely never wanted to share my child.l or for him to have a broken family. I have days where I’m all “I get to find someone new who doesn’t have debt, doesn’t smoke pot daily, etc etc” and then I have days where it’s like “damn him…what went wrong..” and the days where I want him back because all I can remember we’re the good times, those get me the most.

But he’s the one who threw away his family….he’ll realize that one day soon.